What is Property Financing?

Converge Money understands what it takes to make investors having to invest their hard earned money into a property or land. Thus we provide you with the most trusted and secured platform that could do justice to your money.

At converge money we gather specialists that have high ends professional expertise who will approve your listings and then work hard towards finding potential investors for that property.


Why choose to finance your property?

At Converge Money we understand the need of every client and cater to their comfort zone. We are very flexible when it comes to our client’s requirements.


Most preferential investment opportunity

Our client base will provide you with world class potential investors that will be beneficial to your listings and will assess you to achieve your dreams.


Better returns

The platform provides you with high returns on just a click. As we already have a pool of investors lined up at your services.


Least paperwork

We promise our clients with the lowest amount of paper work possible as everything from the start happens on the online platform.


Trusted expertise

We bring together our expertise from all around the globe to make you feel most trusted and safe when it comes to dealing with your property on our platform.

How does it work?

At Converge Money we understand the need of every client and cater to their comfort zone. We are flexible when it comes to our client's Business capital requirements.


Registering the project or property with us by providing few information about its ownership and title deed documents. Construction firms submit loan application for review.




When loan is assessed and risk checks are complete the project is then listed on the to invest. Once a loan request passes our due diligence, we advertise the investment on the platform. Investors can find detailed information about each project in the invest section.


Upon completion of the project, returns will be paid directly to investors e-wallets. You can then chose to withdraw your money or reinvest in a new offering.



1. Registered UAE company

2. Trading 12 months

3. Customers are strong companies

4. Strong payment history from customers